Thursday, June 18, 2009

Border Collie Rescue Video

This is an excellent video production about the work of Border Collie Rescue (BCR). "Nice Work" is about the fostering and placement of rescued Border Collies. Mostly why they end up in rescue, and the attention to detail spent on the care and re-homing of each individual dog.

While this video is focused on a rescue located in the United Kingdom, it is important to note that all border collie rescues worldwide are facing the same challenges with fostering and re homing this wonderful breed.

(Copied & Pasted from the YouTube Video information) Episode 1 introduces Border Collies and tells us a bit about the breed, and about Border Collie Rescue and the York centre. We meet 'Dot' and 'Gael' at the beginning of Gael's sheepdog training and take a look at 'Patti' in her new home. This mini series is being released at the same time as Border Collie Rescue is being featured on Project Puppy on Animal Planet.If you are not an Animal Planet subscriber, you can follow Gaels progress on Nice Work, either on BCR's YouTube Channel or on The Border Collie Rescue website at