Thursday, August 6, 2009

Success Story - Zoe

Meet Zoe the 70 lb border collie

Zoe is a chunky monkey.

Zoe is a 2-3 year old seriously overweight Border Collie. Zoe was rescued from a bad situation in Eastern Washington where she was grossly overfed. Zoe was so overweight that the simple act of getting up caused her to pant seriously. A healthy female border collie should weigh between 27-42 lbs (depending on bone structure). Zoe needs to lose approximately half her body weight.

Zoe has been adopted by Kris and now lives on Whidbey Island with Reese, another border collie adopted through PNW Border Collie Rescue.

Zoe has embarked on a new life with a wonderful new active family and at the same time has enrolled in the doggie version of the Biggest Loser!

Zoe's mom created the blog to document her recovery.

Zoe's Weight Loss Blog

Stop by and cheer them on and watch this plus-sized beauty shrink to a healthy weight.