Thursday, September 10, 2009

Border Collie Rescue Video Series

As a continuation of the first post where Episode One was featured - this post includes links to view all six videos.

Nice work is an in house 'Colliewood Films' production about the work of UK based Border Collie Rescue (BCR), directed by Scottish filmmaker, Jim Closs with it's footage filmed at the York centre and in the homes of the dogs featured.

Like the Animal Planet series 'Project Puppy', which features Gael from BCR as one of the 8 dogs covered, Nice Work is about the subject of rescued dogs being re-homed to work with people in various capacities, but in this instance they are all Border Collies and they have all been assessed, selected and re-homed by Border Collie Rescue.

This mini series is in six, ten minute episodes looking at a number of dogs rehomed by BCR and also covering Gael's training, Sally's pups growing up and other aspects of work at the BCR Assessment and rehabilitation centre.

The series features interviews with BCR staff and with people who have adopted dogs from Border Collie Rescue and trained them to be Sheep Dogs, Cattle Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs and Police Dogs as well as two dogs, selected and placed together on a small holding as companions for a special reason.

It gives good insight into the sort of work they do and the attention to detail spent on the care and re-homing of each individual dog.

This mini series is being released at the same time as Border Collie Rescue is being featured on Project Puppy on Animal Planet. If you are not an Animal Planet subscriber, you can follow Gaels progress on Nice Work, either on Youtube or on The Border Collie Rescue website.

The Border Collie is designed to be a sheepdog and was originally used for herding livestock in the English and Scottish Borders. Border Collie Rescue assesses all dogs coming into our care for herding ability and will rehome them as stockdogs if that is what they need to do but we also assess and rehome for scent discrimination skills to the Police, Prison Service and Excise to detect drugs, explosives and firearms -- to SARDA and other rescue organisations for mountain rescue and search and rescue work -- to help deaf, blind or otherwise disabled people as well as for working trials, flyball, agility, obedience and other interactive sporting disciplines and many of our dogs have qualified for Crufts in these disciplines. Those that show us they do not need or want to work are rehomed as PAT dogs, pets and companions.