Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Have a Success Story to Share?

We are looking for success stories. 

What type of stories are we looking for? 
  • A happy dog & happy 'family' (whatever that word represents for you) who have overcome challenges, learned something along the way or have something special to share that inspires.  
  •  Maybe you have a unique focus, a therapy dog, obedience or agility champion,  stockdog or service dog.  
  • Do you have a dog that has managed to turn around a behavior problem with the help of his family and is now living a peaceful life.  
  • Has your dog made a significant positive impact on your family?  
  • Has your dog brought a new way of thinking to your life?  
  • Anything else that will inspire others to consider a dog from PNW Border Collie Rescue. 

If you have a story to share please email it along with pictures in .jpg format to bcxfour @ yahoo . com (remove spaces).

Looking forward to reading your story soon!